Recent Activity:
Combined transactions of direct and syndicated  funding, some examples includes loans that were acquired and/or assigned, have term sheets signed and/or issued, are credit committee approved or are funded.Figure presented includes all loans where term sheets are signed but some loans are not closed. Some images are a representation of subject property, signed term sheets are subject to change and may not be consummated. 

Due Diligence:
Borrower and borrower's representative understands that document request must be satisfied within 48 business hours, should the borrower be delayed in supplying all necessary documents the closing date may be delayed due to no falt of lender.

Lender Deposit Disclosure:
Fees shall be considered inforced in the event that information provided in conjunction with the issuance of this term sheet cannot be quanitified or validated with documentation. This includes but is not limited to any mis-representation by borrower, broker or representative related to the project. In the event Lender does not fund project due to NO mis-representation by borrower or broker, ALL unused diligence and  third party fees will be refunded accordingly.