Recent Activity:
Images may be a representation of subject properties. Transactions depicted of direct, participant, and syndicated funding, some examples includes loans that were sold, acquired and/or assigned, have term sheets signed and/or issued, are credit approved or are funded and some loans have not closed, signed term sheets are subject to change and may not be consummated. 

Due Diligence:
As part of the loan application process, we will begin due diligence, engage our legal counsel and may commission an appraisal, environmental, structural, zoning, title, feasibility report, construction cost review and other surveys, inspections and reports. We will engage such firms to perform inspections and reports as we shall determine. Borrower to pay all transaction expenses including lender share of state and city mortgage taxes, lender legal, third party fees and in some cases a due diligence expense deposit. Borrower or their representative understands that document request should be satisfied within 48 business hours, should the borrower be delayed in supplying lender requested documents the closing date may be delayed due to no fault of lender.

Capital provided via private individuals, institutions, and credit facilities. Lender reserves the right to assign or sell participation in Loan/ term sheet in whole or in part at any time.

Title Insurance:
Title insurance shall be ordered by Lender and paid by the borrower, title commitment shall certify the sole owner(s) of the real property in the name of the Borrower(s) or Guarantor(s) and must in all respects be acceptable to our attorneys.

Lending Demographics:
Nationwide lending excluding MN, ND, SD, VT, WV, NV